Current Officers 

Felix Ventures Officers 2017-2018

President - Alex Rivera

Greetings everyone, my name is Alex Rivera and I am the Co-President for Felix Ventures. As co-president, I am responsible for guiding Felix Ventures members to accomplish the program's set goals and lead the officers to fulfill their responsibilities in planning, preparing and executing all F.V. activities. I represent and reinforce, primarily through example, the Felix Ventures' philosophies and ideas and take full responsibility for the actions, positive or negative, of the members of our program. 

As a member for the last 2 years, Felix Ventures became my second home. During the good and bad times, I was able to find refuge in the company of Felix Ventures and its venturers. I have created many unforgettable memories and unbreakable friendships on my trips with Felix Ventures. I am grateful for Felix Grossman for providing me with great opportunities of experiencing many new adventures, all of which have helped me grow as a person, friend, and leader. 

President - Stacey Gutierrez

Hi, my name is Stacey Gutierrez and I'm 2019-2020 Felix Ventures co-president. I'm responsible for leading Felix Ventures members by example and assisting officers in planning, preparing, and executing all F.V. activities. The president is the student representative of Felix Ventures and takes responsibility for their actions, positive or negative, of its members as a program. A president must be positive, enthusiastic, and fair in order to help create a fun and welcoming environment for all the venturers.

This is my fourth year in Felix Ventures and I am really grateful to call it my second home. This program gave me a chance to let my opinions be heard, to help me grow as a person, let me experience new adventures, and to create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Executive Vice President - Elias Hernandez

I’m the Felix Ventures Executive Vice President. I have been involved in this program for about 3 years for its amazing opportunities and responsibilities it has given me. My job is to help create and maintain a positive and productive environment that promotes our officers and members. I am happy to say that this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Administrative Vice President - Linda Brand

Hello, I am Linda Brand and my position is Administrative Vice President. As Administrative Vice President, my job is to mentor and watch over other officers and venturers. My job is to keep things running in the office as well as on trips. Unlike the Executive Vice President, I work primarily on the things inside the office and not so much on trips.

Director of Camping / Community Liaison - Joshua Castaneda

Community Liason is in charge of helping Workman High School (Administrators, Teachers, and Staff) recognize and understand the importance of Felix Ventures to W.O.H.S. students. The W.O.H.S Liaison will maintain a close relationship with W.O.H.S. staff and programs to help avoid scheduling conflicts, provide mutual support and to inform staff of our activities and their success.

Director of Marketing - Savannary Phan

As a marketing and recruiting officer, I am in charge of bringing in new venturers and to stay updated with up-coming school events. For upcoming events that will be on school grounds, posters and flyers are to be made and spread around campus. Some of our events are Movie Nights and regular meetings. To draw in more people, we also set up booths that include pictures from past trips, calendars of up-coming trips along with tents, sleeping bags etc. to show who we are. I wanted to open up to more opportunities. My comfort zone held me down from doing anything. Because of it, I wanted to step away from it and try something outside of home. From there, I had joined Felix Ventures. My reaction to joining was that I thought Felix Ventures was going to be a regular club on school grounds. Turns out I was wrong, it is not a club but it is a program where it had lead me to meeting all these wonderful people who were a part of it. I had never thought that Felix Ventures would have played a big role in my life and that the people in it would have slowly became my second family.

Community Liaison - Wilson Wu

Hi there! I’m Wilson Wu, this year’s Community Liaison for Felix Ventures. I’m basically a spokesperson for the club, and I have to be the connection between Felix Ventures and the school. My job consists of keeping up the administrative staff on our current and future events. I joined Felix Ventures because I wanted to go places. Literally AND figuratively. It just so happened that in this club, I can do both. Though I am new here, I’ve already learned new things, made lasting connections, and traveled somewhere I’ve never been before. Not only has joining helped me be a better version of myself, I’m sure I’ll improve upon myself over time with my involvement in Felix Ventures as well.

Treasurer - Yadira Soto

Hello! My name is Yadira Soto and I am the Treasurer of Felix Ventures. My job as treasurer is to oversee the management and reporting of Felix Ventures Finances. I will work with the Directors, on a weekly basis, to implement cost-saving, fundraising, and financial managing strategies to keep F.V. financially sound.

This is currently my second year in Felix Ventures and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to build strong relationships with some of the most down to earth people, and I have become more social with those around me. The staff at Felix Ventures is what makes this program the best! They have some of the biggest hearts and it genuinely feels like a family.

High Adventure - Anh-Tai Huynh

Hey everyone, my name is Tai Huynh. My position in Felix Ventures is High Adventure V.P. My job is to organize and lead the backpacking trips and day hike which include the ultimate long term trips in the beautiful Sierra mountain range and the breathtaking Havasupai’s waterfall. What exactly is backpacking? Well, many people usually assume that backpacking and car camping are the same but they are almost completely different. For backpacking, you are in the wild by yourself. This means no 911, no convenient car parking nearby, you have to carry everything on you that you need (tent, pot, stove, sleeping bag, etc). Backpacking will challenge you both physically and mentally but it will also give you the best feeling of accomplishment when you finish it. I have only been in Felix Ventures for 1 year but I already made so many precious memories and irreplaceable friends. Felix Ventures has given me so much opportunity to go out and explore the world. They have taken me to places that I never knew existed and turned me to this amazing leader that I never knew I could be. I also love the fact that everyone in Felix Ventures is so nice and friendly. The office is always filled with laughter. I’m proud to say that Felix Ventures is my second family. 

High Adventure - Angel Ultreras

High Adventure V.P. is in charge of introducing F.V. members to exciting new adventures that will push them to their limits. The High Adventure V.P. will also work on improving activities and teaching Venturers to have fun in a manner that is consistent with the highest camping, backpacking, and wilderness ethics.

Car Camping - Matthew Cortez

Before becoming an officer, I was usually lazy and not very ambitious with my goals. I became an officer to occupy myself, become a part of a good program and to become more involved with the activities I go to. I also wanted to become a more responsible, reasonable person and maybe to become more ambitious with my work. I also became an officer to develop my communication skills, organization skills and time management skills that I’ll need later on and that’ll help me grow to be a better person than before.

Car Camping - Isaac Agustin

I’ve been in Felix Ventures for 1 year. I am Car Camping VP. I am in charge of all the car camping trips that we will be having. I became an officer in hopes of becoming more responsible and to be busier. Another reason is that I wanted to be more than what I am right now and be able to have good time management throughout each day.

College and Careers - Paula Rodriguez

College and Careers V.P. is in charge of getting Venturers thinking about the direction of their future. The College and Careers V.P. will help highlight how colleges, universities, and technical schools can create opportunities to help discover careers they will love.

College and Careers - Narali Llamas

College and Careers V.P. is in charge of getting Venturers thinking about the direction of their future. The College and Careers V.P. will help highlight how colleges, universities, and technical schools can create opportunities to help discover careers they will love.

Cultural & Fine Arts - Nayeli Pereyra

Hi I’m Nayeli Pereyra, your Cultural and Fine Arts Vice President. My job is to expose the venturers to different forms of history and entertainment around the world. I expand their horizons for the most part and help others get out of their comfort zone. I enjoy this job so much, it has a great meaning to me since I have always had a passion for the Performing Arts. Actually, the first trip I went to was a play hosted by Felix Ventures. After I went to that one trip I knew Felix Ventures was right for me. This program has guided me to be a better person, has always helped me whenever I needed to and gave me friends and people I can trust again. I was at a very dark place before and I decided to try it out to seek comfort, I’m happy I did. Now I have a family that I know will last forever.

Community Service - Jessica Garza

I’m Jessica Garza and I am the Community Services V.P. My task is to get venturers into helping out our community and to make a positive impact on the lives of others. One of my main assignments is our Annual Toy Drive. We ask our community to help donate and the Venturers to help with the months of preparation for this event. I also plan on encouraging the Venturers to help our environment by doing a beach clean up. This program has helped me get out of my comfort zone and try new things! Never did I ever think I would be sleeping in a tent, let alone outside of one! I’ve made friends and family I know I could rely on. Felix Ventures has made me become a greater friend, companion, and leader.

Community Service - Jackeline Alvarez

Hello everyone, my name is Jackeline Alvarez, also known as Jacky and I am a Senior. I am the Community Service Vice President and what I do as a V.P. is to organize the Toy Drive, beach clean-ups and other community service activities. I also encourage venturers and nonmembers to volunteer to be part of the Toy Drive and help other people out. I’ve been part of Felix Ventures since my 8th-grade year. I chose to be a part of FV because I wanted to be able to learn backpacking skills. So far being part of FV has allowed me to learn that and so much more. I’m really happy to be part of this program. 

Training - Andrew Medina

Hey everyone, my name is Andrew Medina and I am the training officer for Felix Ventures. As training officer, I am in charge of learning and mentoring our other venturers to allow them to be able to have the skills needed. I’ve been a member of Felix Ventures for 1 year already, the experiences have been amazing due to the fact that you interact with so many amazing people and learn something new on every trip. The program has allowed me to grow as a person, meet new people, and become responsible.

Training - Elias Caballero

Hello, my name is Elias and my position in Felix Ventures is Training VP. As Training VP my job is to ensure that all members at FV are on task and are aware of upcoming events such as meetups, outings, and preparations. I have been a part of FV since my Junior year and so far I am Felix Ventures because I was struggling with social skills, as well as struggling to get out of the house and be active. So far Felix Ventures has really had an impact on both of those factors for me. I am really looking forward to seeing where this wonderful organization brings me next in my life.

Personal Finance & Management - Jeffrey Rodriguez

My name is Jeffrey Rodriguez, Felix Ventures’ Personal Finance Officer. I am here to provide my community with information regarding budgeting, marketing, and the best ways to get the most bang for your buck. I have been in Felix Ventures for 4 years all because of the bonds created, new friendships, and the life skills that I will value in my future career.  

Head Quartermaster - Delaila Cuevas

I’m Delaila Cuevas, head quartermaster for 2019-2020. My job as a quartermaster is all about maintaining the equipment of Felix Ventures and ensuring that all the required equipment is taken on trips and accounted for. Although the position of quartermaster was given to me, here at Felix Ventures, it’s everyone’s job to look after the equipment and take good care of it. As quartermaster, my job also consists of managing equipment cleanings, which is a day where the venturers who attended a trip, clean the equipment they used as a group. I’ve been in Felix Ventures since October of my freshman year, I am now a sophomore. I decided to join Felix Ventures because it seemed like a great way to meet new people and experience new things. Since I’ve joined Felix Ventures, I’ve learned a lot about spending time in the wilderness and I have learned how to push myself to grow as a person. This year, I am an officer and I am very excited about the future of Felix Ventures and the amazing experiences others will be able to enjoy and learn from.

Quartermaster - Gerardo Rodriguez

Quartermaster is in charge of maintaining all equipment fresh and clean. Quartermasters are responsible for assigning and collecting equipment for each activity and are in charge of packing all equipment before every trip.

Quartermaster - Julissa Tovar

​Hi! My name is Julissa Daniela Tovar. But, I like to go by Julie. My position in Felix Ventures is Quartermaster VP. My position basically requires me to help out n trips, be in charge of equipment, and many more! I am connected between school and Felix Ventures. I’ve always LOVED adventures and the outdoors. I was homeschooled for most of my middle school years and I wasn’t as entertaining because I was basically by myself with no people to have fun with. This year is my year back at school. I’ve heard of Felix Ventures and I was curious as to what it was. So I asked what it was all about and when I got told on what they do, I immediately joined. Ever since I joined, it was very fun! We go on trips, learn more survival skills, teamwork, and much more! I became close to these people, like extremely close. This is my first year being a part of Felix Ventures and I recommend being a part of this journey as in with the trips and teamwork. Joining was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you.

Quartermaster - Mario Moreno

Hey, my name is Mario Moreno and I’m one of Felix Ventures’ quartermasters. I’m a senior and joined my freshman year, although my activity has been on and off through the years. I served as an officer once before, during my sophomore year, and I’m excited to get the chance to again now that I have more experience. Felix Ventures has taught me many things from cooking to how to tie a knot that can save a life. I’m ecstatic to give back to this program and hope to make this my most active year yet. Some other little facts about me: I’ve played music since 5th grade and am currently trying to learn a second instrument. I used to be super quiet, and still am, but friends and Felix Ventures have helped make me more social. I also have a love for exercise, something about the tired feeling gives me an adrenaline rush that is irreplaceable.

Marketing & Recruiting - David Farias

Marketing & Recruiting V.P. is in charge of showing people what they are missing out on and showing them how easy it is to be a part of Felix Ventures.  The Marketing & Recruiting V.P.’s will explain what is required to join Felix Venturers and clarify any misconceptions about the program.

Administrative Historian - Jenny Aguirre

Hello, my name is Jenny Aguirre and my position as an officer is Administrative Historian. The duties I’m in charge of as an Administrative Historian include creating videos of trips (make albums), make posters/poster boards, keep albums up to date and do slideshows. This would be my first year being in Felix Ventures. To me, Felix Ventures is somewhere where you learn lessons about life and etc. It also teaches you stuff. Felix Ventures has inspired me to go after what I want and to not just always be on your phone and explore!

Administrative Historian - Elizabeth Amezola

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Amezola. My officer position is Administrative Historian. The reason I joined Felix Ventures is that I wanted to get away from home since my parents can be really overprotective to the point where they don’t want to get me a phone. Joining Felix Ventures was honestly my escape into the outside world instead of always being cooped up in my house.

Historian - Yvonne Macias

Hello, my name is Yvonne Macias. The position I have in Felix Ventures is Historian. The duties I have for Historian is to take photos on trips we go to. For example, the Hollywood Bowl, Northshore, CalPoly Bike Hike, etc. I also record videos on the trips we go to. I’ve been in Felix Ventures since last year (my freshman year). To me, Felix Ventures is like a second family to me. Felix Ventures gives me a more interacting experience as a student. I like how Felix Ventures makes the program “student-ran,” so most of the officers are working together as a group. Felix Ventures has inspired me to be more hardworking and responsible. Felix Ventures has also inspired me to communicate with other people in a working environment. I’m so happy that I get to work with people I know and I hope I can make people happy. That concludes my all about me.

Historian - Frida Aguilar

Hi, my name is Frida Aguilar and the officer position that I received is Historian. So far from what I have done in Felix Ventures, I love it and I want to do more of it. To be honest when I first heard of Felix Ventures it didn’t really catch my interests. It, later on, I began to learn more about. I was always an independent girl and I would be stuck on my technology. But after my first trip with Felix Ventures, I learned that there is more than just a screen. Overall I am starting to love Felix Ventures and the people in it. I totally plan on joining every year I am here. Thanks to Felix Ventures for helping me get out of my comfort zone and a special thanks to Felix for creating this club for everyone to enjoy as I do.

Historian - Damion Henderson

As a historian, my duties are to capture all the fun-filled crazy moments during our venturer activities. I have been in Felix Ventures for 1 year and to me, Felix Ventures is a club where we explore new adventure while learning leadership and wilderness skills in an exciting way. Felix Ventures has inspired me by showing me to go for what I want and what is best for me and that there’s more to life than a phone screen.

Social Media - Jayro Rizo

Hi, my name is Jayro Rizo and I am the 2019-2020 Felix Ventures Social Media Officer. I am responsible to share event flyers and also be able to let others know about Felix Ventures throughout all social media platforms. The Social Media V.P.’s are to have a motivational and dedicated mindset to be able to make time to stay in touch with the community that is following Felix Ventures and trying to reach those that haven’t found Felix Ventures yet. This is my 1st year in Felix Ventures and I am slowly but surely starting to get comfortable with the positive, helpful, and adventurous community that is within this small but talented group. Felix Ventures has shown me that I will have many more amazing experiences, grow strong relationships, and most importantly have a great time with peers.

Website - Shira Lopez

Hi, my name is Shira Lopez and I am the 2019-2020 Felix Ventures Website Vice President. I am responsible for maintaining and updating the official Felix Ventures website. I work with the Historians to pick out the best pictures to showcase on our website that truly represent Felix Ventures and what we do as an organization. In addition, I work with the staff and other officers to change or add anything to the website. Having been in Felix Ventures for 2 years the program has broadened my perspective of the outdoors and of other people as I attended and participated in car camping trips and most of the events Felix Ventures has to offer. I’ve made friends with people whom I never thought I would be friends with and am now more appreciative of the world around me.

Automotive - Ramon Bracamontes

My name is Ramon Kiran Bracamotes and I am a freshman at William Workman High School. This is my first year in Felix Ventures and my officer position is Automotive. I chose to be in Felix Ventures to meet new people and because the program seemed very interesting. This program has taught me how to be more responsible and how to improve my social skills. This is a great program and everyone should be a part of Felix Ventures.

Automotive - Angelica Lyniel Castro

Hello! I’m Angelica Lyniel Castro but many know me by my middle name, Lyniel. I’m this year’s Felix Ventures Automotive VP. My duties as Automotive VP include making sure all vehicles on Felix Ventures trips are in good shape, the drivers get the things they need on time, and much more. I chose to be in Felix Ventures because I don’t want my childhood years to be wasted looking at a screen. Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved adventure Once I found out about Felix Ventures, I was immediately enthusiastic about joining. This is my first year in Felix Venturessand  I’m already in awe. They changed me to be even more responsible than I was before, I’m learning so much about things such as Leadership, Teamwork, and many more.

Health and Fitness - Dulce Aguirre

This position requires research in healthy food alternatives as well as incorporating an adequate amount of exercise and activities to help others stay active. The key goal is to make others healthy without them knowing it. I’ve been in Felix Ventures for about 2 years. Felix Ventures is a great opportunity to experience the outdoors and it helps one become independent. The organization is highly positive and is like a family that has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and be open to new experiences.

Health and Fitness - Jacob Pena

Health and Fitness V.P. is in charge of getting Venturers to create a healthy lifestyle that meets their goals and needs. Health & Fitness V.P.’s will focus on both mental and physical aspects.

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