A Venturer is FOREVER

Since August 2018, the Felix Ventures Alumni Association exists to support the Felix Ventures Program and to create a network of Alumni to host reunions, campouts, and other alumni-only events. Membership is free and open to all adults who were registered in Felix Ventures as High School Students. 

The Alumni Association hosts monthly meetings to re-unite alumni and provide updates of upcoming Alumni-only events and opportunities to support the Felix Ventures Foundation.

Missed the last meeting? No worries click on the video to watch what you missed :)




Do you still live near by? Join us for events and trips. This is a great way to meet up with old friends and meet like minded adults. Reconnect with nature and reminisce.


Are you no longer in  the are? You can still give back to FVF through a variety of different ways. Join us for our monthly zoom meetings.

Its your turn to GIVE new ventures the opportunity to have amazing experiences just like YOU DID!

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2021-2022 TRIPS!


Year graduated from Workman: 2010

Years in FV: 4 years

College/University attended/graduated: University of California, San Diego

Year graduated from college/university: 2015

Major: Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Current residence: La Puente, CA

Current occupation/profession: Pipe Stress Engineer


How did Felix Ventures impact your life? : Felix Ventures has made a positive impact on my life. I not only learned survival skills but also developed leadership skills that I now utilize. FV exposed me to the world outside of La Puente.


Favorite FV memory: Every Felix Ventures trip has been special to me in a different way. My favorite FV memory would have to be the year I was President.  This was the year that I learned how to truly be a leader. I learned a lot about myself and I am forever grateful to FV for allowing me to take on this role. 

Faviola Loera


2018 Catalina Film Festival

Volunteering at the Catalina Film Festival was again a success this year! Some of our newer alumni were grateful for the experience and networks they created.

Northshore Campout

Our first weekend-long camping trip. Small group, but they had lots of fun and enjoyed reliving the Felix Ventures experiences as Alumni.