Car Camping

Our Car Camping activities introduce Venturers to fun-filled overnight activities at local and well-known campgrounds. The comforts of car camping offer students an opportunity to participate in orienteering, rock climbing, bike hikes, and tour beautiful national parks. 


Highlighted Trips

Northshore Campout

When: September

Felix Ventures begins its year with camping by the beautiful Arrowhead Lake. Students learn the basics of camping, many get to experience for the first time sleeping outdoors under the stars and learn skills such as knot tying and compass reading.

Vasquez Rocks 

When: December

Felix Ventures annual orienteering camp out take place every December. The interesting rock formations serve as a great place to set up compass courses and teach ventures how to orient themselves and travel using only a compass. Our annual visit to Vasquez typically concludes with the birds of prey show given by the Placerita Canyon Nature Center.

​At the end of the trip, ventures are expected to show their compass skills by completing and surviving their compass course. Teams that excel win team prizes and the right to have bragging rights against their competing peers.

55 Mile Bike Hike

When: November

The 55 Mile Bike Hike takes Venturers from Granada Hills to Sycamore Canyon Campground north of  Malibu. This trip is open to all experience levels. Felix Ventures offers opportunities to get prepared with three training trips: the 8-mile Huntington Beach Bike HIke, the 14-miles Cal Poly Bike Hike, the 18-mile Six Flags Bike Hike and offers awards to those who complete the 55 miles. Training is available from  August to October.

January Car Camping Trip

When: January 

Felix Ventures rotates January ​trips every three years. Our three fabulous trips offer ventures a road trip to visit some of the most beautiful national parks in California. Ventures learn basic camping skills, cooking skills, and leadership skills in this four-day weekend vacation. Below is the January rotation:

  • Death Valley / Furnace Creek Campground

  • Hearst Castle/ Morro Bay Campground

  • Kelso Dunes / Hole In The Wall Campground

2019-2020 January trip is to Hearst Castle

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Please see our calendar for exact dates and times. Call FVF office before coming (626) 933-8902


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