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Angel Garcia


Angel Garcia has proven in just a few months of gaining his position, that he is one of the best Community Service VP’s we have ever seen. He strives to make sure things are getting done in an orderly and organized manner. Even when he isn’t able to stay after school to get things done, he makes sure that his committee is on top of their work and gets everything finished accordingly. He is an exceptional leader that will make this year's Toy Drive perhaps the best we have ever seen. Angel may be the new kid on the block, since he joined the program junior year, but he certainly has become indispensable in a short period of time. Angel’s dedication and commitment has made a big impact on the program, the venturers, and officers around him. He excels at being a self starter and is a great example to others, that is why Angel has been chosen as  officer of the month for September 2022.

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Josephine Contreras


Josephine Contreras has shown that any officer is capable of doing work outside of their position. They constantly help out with Toy Drive whenever needed, they called each and every family to remind them of our event and even got 5 drivers in the span of 3 hours for Vasquez Rocks. A new record set for calling drivers. They are a hidden gem in our program and we have no doubt in our minds that they will be a big part of this program when they become a Senior. That is why Josephine Contreras, a High Adventure officer, has been chosen as officer of the month for December 2022.

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Zoey Angulo



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America Perez


America Perez has shown that even though her position is Marketing and Recruiting, she is able to take a step forward and help with the completion of tasks that are not assigned to her. She tries her best to help get everything done in an orderly fashion and in a detailed manner. She is capable of picking up the slack of her fellow officers and helping them get back on track with their daily tasks. She has shown as one of the newbies along with Angel, that she is able to and more than willing to become a true leader. That is why America Perez has been chosen as officer of the month for October 2022.


Amilkar Gomez


Amilkar Gomez is consistent. As a freshman he has had the monumental work of keeping track and facilitating the disbursement cand cleaning of all of our equipment. He’s always asking about what other things need to get done in the FVF office, and he is always there when help is needed. He has stayed for countless hours checking equipment and getting it ready for each and everyone of our trips as the ONLY quartermaster this year. That is why Amilkar Gomez has been chosen as officer of the month for January 2023. We could have not functioned as a program with him!


Angelica Lyniel Castro



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Alan Carillo


Alan  Carrillo has shown us as our new Cultural and Fine Arts VP that even though he just started out in FV as a Junior, as a first time SPL, he is more than capable of doing an outstanding job. He has truly shown that he is able to stay on top of his work, keep his besties in place when work needs to get finished. And is on the path of becoming one of our great leaders. We wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Alan as being a great example of what Felix Ventures is all about. That is why Alan Carrillo has been chosen as officer of the month for November 2022.


Ileana Gonzalez


Ileana Gonzalez has shown us as our Administrative VP that she is able get her work done, she is always double checking with staff to confirm her work is being done correctly and at high standards. When she is not creating videos, she keeps her fellow officers in check and follows up to make sure they have contributed their pictures to our albums. Her hard work is seen through all of the videos on our youtube page. Ileana even follows calls on the phone during our officer meetings because her busy schedule and work keeps her from attending in person. Ileana is another great venturer who is making sure things are getting done in the office and during any trip volunteering to take on multiple leadership roles. That is why ileana Gonzalez has been chosen as officer of the month for February 2023.

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Elizabeth Amezola






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