Gerardo is always very helpful and an outstanding leader on trips. He's friendly with all venturers and is a great example of a self starter. As one of our Quartermasters, he's constantly on top of the equipment situation during trips and when we return. A 4-year venturer, Gerardo is very experienced and always goes out of his way to teach others new things and assist in any task. We recognize his ability to have fun on trips and balance it out with getting things done.



Even though Nayeli could not participate in many trips; she still contributed a lot to the program. She has constantly given her best to fulfill her duty as the college and career officer and seek new information about colleges to share with her fellow venturers. She also worked very hard planning the trip to Kelso even though it ultimately got canceled due to COVID closures, we still recognize her for her hard work



Zaira has served as an amazing Community Liaison and has worked hard to keep great time management skills when completing her tasks such as creating videos and updating Workman staff on our trips and events. Zaira has also stood out this year as an active venturer and self starter on car camping and backpacking trips alike. She has always been willing to lend a hand on trips and has grown into an experienced venturer who puts herself out there and strives to learn more and more with every trip. Felix Ventures thanks Zaira for all her hard work!



Matthew is one of our most active ventures in our program. He has excelled as the High Adventure officer even with all the continuous closures and changes. As an officer, he always steps in and get the job done with a smile and a great attitude. Because of this he has earned the last officer of the month title for this school year. We are very grateful to have ventures like Matthew in our program.



Jessica has exceptionally planned trips and communicated with other student leaders. She is our car camping VP for this year, and with the current pandemic, she has planned and instructed all the SPL's with great attitude and attention. Now in her 3rd year with Felix Ventures, Jessica has become an amazing leader, a self-starter and an intricate part of the leadership of our program. It's our pleasure to recognize her for her leadership and dedication.



As a dedicated member of Felix Ventures, Joshua has shown impressive growth and leadership while teaching others along the way. His experience has allowed him to try new things and encourage others to do so as well. Joshua has always shown enthusiasm and a positive attitude on trips which encourages the rest of the group to do the same. We would like to recognize Joshua for always stepping up whether it be in helping with equipment, getting people to play a game on trips or simply encouraging others. He shown himself as an exceptional leader for our Joshua Tree Campout, and for that we would like to recognize him as officer of the month



Delaila has shown her dedication and commitment to the program since she joined as a sophomore. She has proven to be a great asset to her peers and the program by always showing up, helping at every chance she can, and by taking on multiple leadership roles in all of the events and activities she participates. Our program is very lucky to have ventures like Delaila Cuevas



Elizabeth has shown great dedication and commitment not only to the program but to her officer position. Elizabeth is always there when we need help and is never afraid to reach out and assist her fellow ventures. Elizabeth leadership as SPL for trips has been remarkable. Although only a sophomore, it does not go unnoticed that Elizabeth is an excellent venturer, officer, and hard worker. We congratulate Elizabeth and thank her for everything she has done to allow our program to run smoothly. 



We’d like to congratulate Savannary for being such an essential part of advertising on all our social media. She has been amazingly helpful in such a unique year! Advertising is more important than ever this year and Savannary has risen to the challenge by posting and keeping everyone in the loop even if she couldn't be as active as previous years.  As a senior this year, Savannary has always been involved and has created many friends and memories in the Felix Ventures group. She will definitely be missed next year and we’d like to appreciate her efforts for her participation and helpfulness this year! 



Tai is one of the most active venturers in our program. At every event and outing he participates in he excels with a great attitude and with a great personality. Tai has continually taken leadership in all aspects of the program all while being a great student. His jokes and comradery with fellow venturers makes him a officer that stands out.