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Winter in Lake Arrowhead
Cooper Canyon 2016

Fun Outings and Events throughout the Year 

Every school year, Felix Ventures organizes more than 50 events and outings. Felix Ventures is known for its backpacking and car camping trips but we also offer a variety of unique activities that provide a range of opportunities to develop leadership skills, gain knowledge, travel, and have fun.


Felix Ventures members are exposed to exciting new adventures that will push them beyond their limits. They also acquire survival and organizational skills that prepare them for our annual 7-9 day Summer Backpacking treks to Havasupai or the Sierra Nevada.

The program provides breakfast, dinners, and all gear needed for the trip at no cost. High adventure activities range from backpacking in the local trails to technical rock climbing with the Williams College Outing Club.


Our Car Camping activities introduce Venturers to fun-filled overnight activities at local and well-known campgrounds. Most of the time, Car Camping trips are the first camping experiences venturers have where they can take on responsibilities that help build confidence and independence. 

All members attending car camping trips are required to bring their Ten Essentials on every trip. Students are expected to bring lunches and their appropriate clothing. The program provides breakfast, dinners, and all gear needed for the trip at no cost.

In collaboration with the Workman College & Career Center, we educate, assist, and guide students in the life-long process of career exploration and planning for the future. We provide opportunities to network with Alumni and guidance for parents such as Financial Aid Workshops and the Annual Pre-College Fair Educational Conference in September. 

Over the years, the program has expanded its goal by adding three spectacular college campus tour itineraries. Select Venturers and Students can tour colleges & meet current college students on college tours in San Diego, Northern California, and the East Coast! 

Felix Ventures' Cultural & Fine Arts program connects students to the greater world through the arts. From museum trips to performances in music and theater, students are exposed to different forms of human expression and thought. 

All members attending cultural events are expected to behave in a professional and respectful manner and dress appropriately for the event. Depending on the event, the program will provide dinner and an opportunity to meet the cast.


Our Community and Charitable Services program organizes students to help make positive impacts on their surrounding community. Students that participate in our projects learn the importance of helping others, civic engagement, and organization.


In the past, students have participated in service work such as Relay For Life, AIDS walk, and small community projects. Currently, our biggest project is the annual Felix Ventures Toy Drive, which typically sponsors about  80 families every year.

Participation in these events is open to the public and can be used as community service hours. Volunteers are able to participate as much as they want and whenever they can. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to our Annual Toy Drive please contact us. 

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