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Who We Are

Felix Ventures is a non-profit youth development program for high school students grades 9-12. We are registered with the Boy Scouts of America as Venture Crew 635 and currently service only Workman High School in City of Industry, CA. Our program is committed to helping its members become strong productive adults with a great educational foundation, a positive self-image, and an excellent personal ethic. We seek to instill these qualities through leadership and wilderness survival training and backpacking activities. 


We pride ourselves in setting the ethical standard in everything we do at all times thus, our members are expected to follow our code of conduct and Boy Scouts guiding principles. We hope that by instilling these principles our students learn to become responsible, productive members of our society.

What We Do

Venturers participate in activities such as  backpacking, museum trips, college campus tours, bike hikes, theater plays, community service, rock climbing, and much more. By exposing students to culture, wilderness, and greater opportunities we strive to give our members the ability to grow while exploring the world in a new way.


Our wilderness activities involve the hardest physical work our members have ever done, but in the end they gain an enormous feeling of personal accomplishment and memories that last a life time. Our year round program begins with Car Camping, bike hikes in the Fall, and end with Backpacking Trips in the Spring. While we provide all necessary gear, students are responsible for bringing the appropriate clothing, lunches, and their "Ten Essentials."


Over the years, Felix Ventures has expanded its outdoor program to include special events and trips such as our annual Toy Drive in which we give put toys to over 80 families each year. Our Campus Tours which include visiting schools in the Bay area, in San Diego, and in Massachusetts. For more information on all of our activities go to Our Activities.

Our Goal

The goal of FELIX VENTURES is to develop its members into strong, productive and successful adults with an excellent personal ethic. Our members are exposed to the world and create unforgettable memories through our events and outings. It is also our goal to encourage Felix Ventures members to graduate high school and pursue higher education.


Through our wilderness and leadership activities, we expect our members to build a good educational foundation, be trained in wilderness survival, and develop into dependable leaders and team mates. 

Our Leadership

Felix Ventures has over 30 Officer positions designed to run the program. Felix Ventures Officers are responsible in helping plan and execute each of our outings, training, activities, and organizational meetings.

Officers receive hands-on experiences that teach them how to build and develop teamwork, leadership, communication, and organizational skills. Officers are often the most active members of the program but any student member interested in becoming an officer is welcome to apply while there are open positions.

Our Members

Membership in our program is open to every student at Workman High School. Full participation requires dedication and effort, especially for many of our camping outings. We welcome all levels of outdoor experience and first time campers. 

Those who take an active role in Felix Ventures are also rewarded with scholarships upon graduating from Workman High School. Other awards are based on participation, dedication, and excellence in particular subjects. For a full list of awards go to Awards & Scholarships. 

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