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Our Partners

The success of our organization and its events would not be possible if not for the support of our partners. Each of our partners has helped uphold our vision for student leadership and growth in different ways. We are extremely grateful to work with amazing and dedicated partners such as:

Workman High School


Felix Ventures has become an integral part of the developmental landscape at Workman High School and has been supported by its principal, administrative staff and faculty for over 20 years. It has become the largest co-curricular activity at the school, working with over 150 students each year. Out of those 150 venturers we have over 30 student officers and these are the most active members of the program. The continued support of staff and teachers have made it possible for Felix ventures to grow into the extensive and successful program it is today. A special thanks to Linda Manderino, Edith Martinez, Nelly Corcio, Kit Li, and Victoria Legua and for helping us in facilitating all of our events and programs.


Vasquez Rocks has become our home over the years providing the great opportunity to teach thousands of venturers over the years how to do orienteering. The rock formations and beautiful landscape have provided a great backdrop and for our compass courses and training. As a way to give back to the trust and friendship bestowed upon us, we adopted Look Twice, a beautiful barn owl in 2014. We look forward to our continued partnership and great camping weekends at the famous Vasquez Rocks. A special thanks to Debbie Goodwin, thank you for all you do for our program.

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Los Angeles

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The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) over the year has provided amazing and memorable plays to over 50 ventures every year. Our collaboration has allowed for students to meet and mingle with actors in their 3rd-year company. We are grateful for the opportunity that AADA provides to our members to learn about the art of acting and everything that goes along with putting on a production with their campus tours and special talks before and after the plays. A special thanks to Betty Karlen and Tim Landfield for your friendly accommodations and great plays that have made us laugh, cry, fall in love, and give us new perspectives over the years.


For over ten years Felix Ventures and the Williams Outing Club have been teaching and exposing students to the joy and skill of technical rock climbing. Every year students from Williams help ventures learn how to belay, boulder, and do multiple types of climbs that range from novice to skilled at the best places to do outdoor rock climbing, Joshua tree National Park and Red Rocks National Park. A huge THANK YOU to Scott Lewis, Dave Ackerson, and Ed Golin for the continued friendship and love that you guys give our ventures every year.


Our collaboration with the conservancy has allowed for Alumni to learn, experience and acquire new skills thru the work and volunteer experiences that they have offered to our alumni members over the years. From earth day to the conservancy ball, we have loved every step of the way. It is a pleasure to join the conservancy every year in the great work they do for the island. A great thank you to Lesly Lieberman and Cindy Lazaris for having us and for the great accommodations you always provide. Thank you for letting us be part of your team.


Over the years Felix Ventures has strive to provide financial support and assistance toward the pursuit of higher education for our active members. As of 2012, we have taken a more active role to extent that support to all students. Our goal is to work with, assist, and provide as much as possible programs and events to assist the College and Career Center (CCC) with their goal in helping students attend college. We hope that our annual college campus tours, scholarships, and Pre-College Faire Conference will continue to assist Workman with the great work they do for all students. A special thanks to Loretta Guzman for "putting up" with us.

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