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High Adventure

The High Adventure Program offers members the opportunity to participate in exciting physically demanding activities, sometimes in the deep wilderness. From rock climbing the towering boulders of Joshua Tree National Park to hiking through tough terrain in the Sierra Nevada Wilderness, Venturers learn survival skills and the importance of Being Prepared. Our backpacking outings begin in the spring with our Winter Mountaineering and end with our week-long trek in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or Havasupai. 


All members attending a backpacking trip are required to complete a Backpack Awareness Program, turn in a physical, and bring their Ten Essentials on every trip. Students are expected to bring lunches and their appropriate clothing. The program provides breakfast, dinners, and all gear needed for the trip at no cost.

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Booth Flyer- Biking and Rock Climbing.png



Sierra Nevada Mountains

When: June (every other year)

Felix Ventures ends its backpacking program with a week long trek in the Sierras. Participants must qualify to be eligible for this trip that can range from 30 to 50 miles of backpacking thru the most beautiful places and lakes in the High Sierra Mountains. Every other year a different loop/route is selected to give ventures the opportunity to experience the Sierras.

Felix Diving into Havasu Falls
Havasupai 2016
Swimming under 1 of many waterfalls
Day 1 of hiking
Day hike to Mooney Falls


When: June (every other year)

Felix Ventures ends its backpacking program with a 10 mile trek into the Grand Canyon. Camping for 5 days at one of the most beautiful watering holes in the world, with 100 feet waterfalls in blue-green clear water streams that flow between the canyon walls. Participants must qualify to be eligible for this trip and must attend at least one backpacking training. 


Rock Climbing: Joshua Tree/Red Rocks

When: April

In conjunction with the Williams College Outing Club, Felix Ventures takes 15 to 20 students to learn how to technical rock climb on one of the most coveted places to rock climb. Ventures learn how to repel, slant climb, chimney climb, crack climb, face climb, try overhangs, boulder, and belay.

Venturers @ Mt Pinos #1 '18

Winter Mountaineering

When: March

Each year 15-30 ventures get to experience and learn how to camp in snow. Ventures learn survival skills such as how to make water, how to build igloos, and the benefits of layering. It is a fun and memorable experience that requires no backpacking expertise.

sierra 2

Backpacking Training Hikes

When: April to June

Our local training hikes offer Venturers the opportunity to train their bodies and gain experience backpacking experience. Our outings begin with novice-level hikes and end with harder hikes with longer trails and higher elevation gain. Participants are required to have taken a Backpacking Awareness training course before being eligible to attend a trip. Some of our local backpacking trips include:

  • Cooper Canyon

  • Devils Canyon

  • Valley Forge/ Red Box

  • Spruce Groves

  • Little Jimmy/Baden Powell

  • Matilija

  • Heaton Flatts

  • Fishbowls

  • Cedar Glen

  • Fisherman's Group

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