Completed all 4 years of 55+mile bike hikes:

Francis Rosales

100 / 100 Club



Silver:   Linda Brand



Car Camping Awards


Bronze:   Angel Ultreras

                Alex Rivera

                Anh-Tai Huyn

                David Farias

                Savannary Pham


Silver:     Joshua Castaneda



Backpacking Awards

Attended all 2018-2019 Car Camping Trips:

Traveler Award

Best 2019 Female Chef:

Best 2019 Male Chef: 

The Grub Master

2019 December Recipients:

Outstanding Participant:

Salesman/woman of the year: 

2019 Toy Drive

2019 May Recipients:

Most Active Senior: Karla Alcala

Most active Venture: Elias Hernandez

Most Active Ventures all 4 years: Karla Alcala

Most Active

Attended all 2018-2019 Backpacking Trips:

Angelica Gutierrez

David Farias

Joshua Castaneda

Linda Brand

Outdoorsman Award

2019 May Recipients:


Outstanding Senior: Emily Mendoza

Helpful Friendly Award: Sebastian Ordaz

Scholar Achievement Award: Destiny Avalos

Spirit Award: Damian Garcia

Wilderness Leadership Award: Elias Hernandez

Senior Leadership: Karla Alcala

Senior Only Awards

2019 May Recipients:


Freshman: Anh-Tai Huynh

Sophomore: Elias Hernandez

Junior: Stacey Gutierrez

Senior: Karla Alcala

Leadership Awards

2019 November Recipients:

55 Mile Bike Hike Completion

2019 May Recipients:

70%+ Score:

      Alex Herrera

      Anh-Tai Huynh

      Elias Hernandez

      Karla Alcala

      Linda Brand

      Matthew Cortez

      Stacey Gutierrez

Officer Evaluations


Scholarship Recipients

2018-2019 Recipients:

        Karla Alcala

        Destiny Avalos

Graduation Stoles

2019 April Recipients:


Beyond Your Limits:

Rock Climbing


Platinum Car Camping Award

Elias Hernandez (2021)

100/100 Club

Evelyn Garcia (2015)

Platinum Backpacker Award

Jonathan Chavez (2010)

Platinum Car Camping Award

Joshua Castaneda (2021)

Platinum Backpacker Award

Omar Flores (2013)

Platinum Car Camping Award

Karla Alcala (2019)

100 100 Club

Vincent Ma (2012)


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