Meet our Staff

Felix Ventures

Felix Grossman

Founder and CEO

Grossman is a passionate backpacker, diver, skier, and hiker. Motivated by his experiences in the arts, music, and Scouting, he encourages youth to explore the world in a whole new way through the activities and events provided by the Felix Ventures Foundation. Today you can find him participating the program's camping, museum, and backpacking trips.

Managing Director

Yuridia Duran

Yuridia Duran was introduced to the program at the end of her sophomore year at Workman High School. She quickly fell in love with Felix ventures and became the President her senior year in 2002. As a college student, she came back to help and joined the staff team in 2004.


Some of her favorite memories as a student were her first backpacking trip to Mt. Baden Powell and the Sierra Nevada mountains. As an advisor, she uses her experiences to provide insight and suggestions to the Felix Ventures Staff.


Program Director

Eric Duran

Eric Duran joined the program in 1999 as it transitioned from Pat's Champs to Felix Ventures. In his senior year, he became president and as a college student came back to help. He officially joined the team in 2004. 

Some of his favorite memories are car camping at Morro Bay Hearst Castle and being a part of one of the greatest capture the flag game of all time. As a director he wants to help the program fully become student run and student led.


Activity Coordinator l

Robert Alvarez

Robert Alvarez has been a member of Felix Ventures since freshman year, and through dedication and merit, senior year he was able to acquire the position as President. Robert's passion for the program did not stop there. Upon graduating he continued to be apart of the organization by volunteering on trips. A few of his most memorable experiences occurred on the trip to Havasupai. 

Robert is now an official member of the staff, and is eager to take on his responsibilities as an activity coordinator.  


Activity Coordinator ll

Andrea Chavez

Andrea Chavez was introduced to the program at a young age, due to her family's involvement. She fell in love with Felix ventures and became the Vice President of her senior year in 2018. As a college student, she came back to contribute and joined the staff in January of 2019.


Her favorite memories as a student were car camping trips and rock climbing. She made friendships that would last a lifetime. As a Coordinator, she uses her experiences to provide insight and suggestions to the Felix Ventures Staff.



Operations Coordinator l


Operations Coordinator ll

Akshay Mishra

Akshay Mishra joined the program his Freshman year of high school. In his 4 years in the program he fell in love with cooking, so much so that he attended the Art Institute. He Holds a BA in Hospitality. He officially became part of the team in 2021.

His fondest memories in the program often related to the numerous cooking competition. As an alumni he continues to backpack on his spare time. As a coordinator he provides experience to the next generation of Ventures.

Operations Coordinator lll

Emiline Hernandez

Emiline joined Felix Ventures in her junior year of high school. She has been an active member since then and became the cultural and fine arts officer her senior year. She started working with Felix Ventures as one of our operations coordinators in October 2019.


Some of her favorite memories include backpacking through the Grand Canyon and visiting the Havasupai Indian Reservation with venturers. She plans to go on more backpacking trips as an alumni and FVF staff member.



Intern - Spring 2021

Omar Sosa

Intern - Spring 2021

Katelyn Chavez