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Meet our Staff

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Felix Grossman

Founder and CEO

Grossman is a passionate backpacker, diver, skier, and hiker. Motivated by his experiences in the arts, music, and Scouting, he encourages youth to explore the world in a whole new way through the activities and events provided by the Felix Ventures Foundation. Today you can find him participating the program's camping, museum, and backpacking trips.


Managing Director


Office Manager

Andrea Chavez

Andrea Chavez was introduced to the program at a young age, due to her family's involvement. She fell in love with Felix ventures and became the Vice President of her senior year in 2018. As a college student, she came back to contribute and joined the staff in January of 2019.


Her favorite memories as a student were car camping trips and rock climbing. She made friendships that would last a lifetime. As a Coordinator, she uses her experiences to provide insight and suggestions to the Felix Ventures Staff.



Activities Manager

Rebecca Angulo

Rebecca Angulo was a parent volunteer for two years. She already had a passion for everything that the Felix Venture Program was doing. Leadership, mentoring, & wilderness-activities. When opportunity arose, she applied right away.  Because of her experience in the last two years as a parent volunteer, her effervescent personality and love of the outdoors made her a great match for the program.


Her favorite thing about the Felix Ventures Program is seeing the students work together as a team, building life skills and lifelong memories.


Operations Coordinator

Notice: Eric Duran is no longer associated in any way with the Felix Ventures Foundation, Felix Ventures Alumni Program, or any other Felix Grossman Charitable Foundations.

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