Felix Ventures Foundation Internship



The Felix Ventures Foundation was established in 1999 with the goal to enrich, expose, and inspire students to do better in all aspects of their lives. We have been pursuing these goals by providing outdoor experiences that allow students to develop skills in leadership, organization, goal-setting, and collaboration, among many others. Our program, through the years, has developed an extensive list of free activities and outings for all students. Our activities now include car camping, backpacking, high adventure outings, community service, cultural exposure, college guidance, and campus tours. Our year-round program focuses and prides itself on being student-run. We teach by providing experiences and opportunities for students to develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and motivation. We use our trips as tools to encourage our members to strive for better, push harder, and reach their personal goals and dreams.


The internship at Felix Ventures Foundation is very unique. Our outdoor aspect of the program requires applicants to have intellectual flexibility to solve the problem and make decisions that may affect the entire outcome of the trip. The applicant must be willing and able to multitask and make changes when necessary at any given time. This internship will require the intern to participate in at least one event/ trip. The events/trips are free of cost, we provide breakfast and dinner as well as all gear needed. We highly recommend that interns participate as much as possible in all our events and trips. All gas expenses will be reimbursed and all accommodations for overnight trips will be provided. The following is a list of requirements and duties for this internship:


  • Application Form

  • Interview at the job site

  • Application for Volunteer at HLPUSD

  • TB Test

  • Live Scan at Hacienda La-Puente Unified School District. Cost $40.00 (refunded by the program)

  • 2hr. Online Boy Scout Youth Protection Program

  • All forms associated with Adult Volunteers (given at the time of the interview)

  • Physical (only for interns attending backpacking trips and/or rock climbing)

  • Drivers Form (only for interns who will be providing transportation for trips)


Overall Duties: (this list is subject to change at the discretion of the directors)

  • Must shadow the first two weeks. Select positions to shadow at the time of interview

  • Must attend at least one event/ trip per semester

  • Attend one Backpack Awareness Training Program (for Spring and Summer interns only)

  • Co- responsible for contacting all officers periodically

  • Support and help student’s leaders follow their duties in the event binders

  • Follow up with officers to make sure they stay on task and are actively working on their duties

  • Support staff and directors in their daily duties/ tasks

  • Work with officers in accomplishing their tasks and duties

  • Provide information, forms, and permission slips to students and parents for upcoming events/ outings

  • Assist in obtaining drivers for all trips

  • Assist staff and officers during loading days

  • Assist in making reservations for upcoming trips

  • Help check and clean equipment

  • Help during food shopping for outings and events

  • Help to maintain office organization and cleanliness

  • Help collaborate with school and staff by providing information on our activities

  • Participate and assist in regular meetings, officer’s meetings, cabinet meetings, and staff meetings

  • Participate in the planning of our activities calendar

  • Responsible for helping provide assistance and or referrals for all active graduating seniors.

  • Co- responsible for providing students with basic college guidance

  • Co- responsible for taking lead in officer trainings

  • Co- Responsible for taking lead in the summer activities


Duties based on semester: (this list is subject to change at the discretion of the directors)



  1. Responsible for table set up and advertising campaigns during the school year. Responsible for making sure all advertising posters and flyers are distributed and placed around the school. Assist in all aspects of advertisement for upcoming trips

  2. Responsible for leading Movie Nights (Fridays)

  3. Responsible for the FV quarterly Newsletter

  4. Responsible for contacting alumni, volunteers, drivers, and involved parents on a monthly basis. Provide a calendar to all of our upcoming activities


Fall - August to January

  1. Responsible for taking lead in the 50+ miles Bike Hike Camping Trip

  2. Responsible for keeping the hour log of all volunteers for all Toy drive related events/ activities (October to December)


Spring – January to May

  1. Responsible for taking lead in the last Officer evaluations

  2. Responsible for taking lead in the Backpacking Training Hike #2


Summer- June to August

  1. Responsible for scheduling officer interviews and scheduling alumni interviewers

  2. Co- Responsible for taking lead in the Hollywood bowl trip

  1. Check if we are currently accepting interns

  2. ​Fill out application

  3. Email: yuridiaduran@felixventure.org to make an appointment for an interview

  4. Bring completed application to interview and any other inquiries

How to Apply

Open Positions

Intern Application




Biola University

CLOSED - Fall 2020

CSU Pomona

CLOSED - Fall 2020

UC Riverside

CLOSED - Fall 2020

CSU Fullerton

OPEN - Fall 2020

Loyola Marymount University

CLOSED - Fall 2020

University of La Verne

CLOSED - Fall 2020

CSU Los Angeles

CLOSED - Fall 2020

Mount San Antonio College

CLOSED -Fall 2020