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Cultural & Fine Arts

Exposure to innovative human expression

Felix Venture's Cultural & Fine Arts program connects students to the greater world through the arts. Through museum trips to performances in music and theater, students are exposed to different forms of human expression and thought. 



Highlighted Trips

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Hollywood Bowl

When: September

Felix Ventures begins every year with our annual Hollywood bowl concert. Each year 40-60 ventures, alumni, and parents are invited to share a night under the stars filled with music and fireworks. In the past, we have seen great orchestra performances, dancers, and singers from classical to Jazz. It is our tradition to start our year with a big celebration in the bowl! 


American Academy of Dramatic Arts

When: December & January

Each year, Felix Ventures get the opportunity to see theater performances at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood (AADA). After plays, ventures get the chance to meet and mingle with the company actors during our cast parties. Students interested in pursuing one of the many careers in theater or acting can get to experience first hand what it is like to be a student in a school like AADA.

Golf Day

When: Year-round

Felix Ventures takes students to local golf courses to learn the art of golf. Our ventures usually start by hitting golf balls in a driving range to begin developing skill and technique and finish off by playing in teams a nine-round of goal. Our goal is to get ventures acquainted with a sport that may come in handy as they network with colleagues.


Museum Days

When: Year-round

Every year ventures get the opportunity to learn and understand how others see our world through paintings, drawings, sculptures, music, and design. Our goal is to expose ventures to different ways of thinking so that they can become more analytical about the world around them and learn to appreciate what is in front of them. 

Museum Trips include:

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